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    In order to keep safety for all, the following procedures are followed for all in studio private or group sessions.

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    Bindupoint, Center for Presence, is dedicated to the illumination, nurturing, and development of one’s most inner being. Bindu is the source of cosmic potency. It is a point that we orient ourselves towards by learning stillness through guided meditation. Stillness nurtures our peaceful nature. It helps us to rejuvenate and integrate the restless and fragmented mind, promoting inner peace. Read more about us >

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    Our Teachers

    Brian Kukan

    Reiki Healer

    Brian Kukan started practicing Reiki in 2007 and has since obtained Reiki Master certifications in Living Light Reiki and Karuna Reiki, a Shinpiden level certification through Komyo Reiki Kai under Hyakutan Inamoto


    Larise Kia Megerdichian

    Founder of Bindupoint / Meditation & Workshop Leader / Healer

    Larise Kia is the founder of Bindupoint, brought forth from her unwavering devotion, dedication and tenacity to share practices of healing, strength and oneness. She is also an artist and a clairvoyant.


    Hagop Takvorian

    Somatic, Shamanic, Hypnotherapy Healer / Workshop Leader

    Your Healing Journeys founder, Hagop (pronounced Haa – Gope, like hope) Takvorian has always been curious about the way the mind works and about why people think and act the way they do.


    Virtual Private Sessions

    We offer different private one-on-one healing modalities.  Each is unique to itself with great transformational qualities.  See what speaks to your soul!


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