About Bindupoint

Bindupoint holds the space in revealing your authenticity from
generations of suppression and self-censoring.

Inner conflict programs have been the results of layers of inter-generational control, perpetuating the human suffering and loss of its power. These programs are obsolete and are being dismantled quickly by humans claiming their light and sovereignty. What remains is our own habituated attachments to these programs, in fear of the loss of the identities built and rooted in victimization and self-censoring. This can only be undone and transmuted by direct connection of your own source at a new setting.

Embedded in our programs, we offer clear and embodied practices that strengthen relationship with your own source connection where all healing, transformation and growth gestates. In time, the whole internal orientation and perception shifts from self-harm to self-love. Love is the only force we can come back to. Surrendering and detaching from the lies you imposed on yourself as you were programed to believe that you are flawed. The matrix of love frequency is where we belong. The human’s task is to fully reclaim love in our bodies and on Earth.


My name is Larise, I’m the founder of Bindupoint. I had my spiritual awakening early 90s, through few incredible synchronistic events where my exploration of cosmology, psychology, spirits and the healing path begun. From very early on I wanted to give back what I would experience as pure joy and interconnectedness of our species to the universe. I was anxious in creating a center where I could introduce different modalities of healing and practices for the seeker to find their true spiritual inheritance.

I started and continued to be a student to many wonderful adapt teachers, while held small classes of my own, dreaming for one day opening a spiritual healing center.

Alas, after 25 years of experience and waiting I was able to create the most beautiful spiritual center in the heart of Encino, California. This was to be the culmination of years of study, practice, healing, and embodiment. I along 71 other teachers where able to present multitude of practices and experiences in the short-lived center of a year and half. When pandemic strike, and after a year of having my doors closed, I was forced to shut down the center. I no longer was able to be financially liable. So, I turned toward online classes, a whole new business that I had no experience nor desire for. Yet I continued while I witnessed the end of my dream that had barely started.

I also watched as number of my online classes started to drop while students and other teachers were going through their own issues facing pandemic. I had to relax and sit with what I had left and continued a stream of classes held by handful of teachers and loyal students. Nothing could have replaced in person experiences, and everyone tried very hard to become molded into what was available.

My dream is still pulsating, with a different flavor now. I moved away from the city to a more rural area here at lake Elsinore California, to acquire a space where I could hold small groups and even overnight stay as a retreat. Here I’m just beginning to start to hold few events and it is my wish to continue to be a voice echoing back to you of your light inheritance, how to touch it, and embody it!

Join me and many around the world in claiming your light!

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