Bindupoint is a center dedicated to promoting inner peace…

Bindupoint, Center for Presence, is a new Meditation and Yoga center nestled in Encino, California. We are your new neighbors and are here with great joy to share with you some deep and profound life transformative events! Bindupoint is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit; a promise made long ago! Bindupoint is here to illuminate the layers of false habitual beliefs that perpetuate mental confusion and emotional pain by introducing methodologies that point towards the intrinsic and highly charged creative nature within!

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Bindupoint is here as a container to hold the necessary components in education and practice, and provides a series of classes, workshops, and events in exploration of the human energetic body, nature of the mind and the cosmology of the universe. Bindupoint’s mission is to awaken the innate potential of creative power within each individual into their mastery!

The Founder’s Story

The Founders Vision

Bindupoint’s journey began somewhere prior to what I can remember.

As a child every night before I would fall asleep, I would close my eyes and would, internally, step into an elevator and go all the way to the top floor. When the elevator door opened, I would walk into a chamber. Up front was a large window and the view was the void. Emptiness.

There was a control panel much like inside of an airplane and there was a big chair in front of the panel. And there sitting, was God.

I had to see him every night before I could fall asleep, it was our secret. I remember we were always quiet, but he was always communicating with me with a deep sense of peace.

Bindupoint’s journey could have also started from when I was three years of age.

I was having a serious argument with my mother, trying to convince her that when we get old then we become babies! She wouldn’t have it, but I was so persistent, squeezing my fist, feeling my nails poking into my palm, getting uncomfortable and stomping my feet on the floor, because I remembered that we reincarnate.

Life moved on and the journey turned and continued, and then eventually I came to have these most amazing spiritual experiences that started to awaken me to a greater knowingness in my body, that we are all one.

This was so beautiful, it spoke to me like no other, it created reverberations of joy, I wanted to just embrace everyone and tell them, “Remember”. Most people weren’t ready for me then. Now the calling is deeper, and people are more ready.

I knew from then that one day I will have a center, that I would bring the messages of healing, strength and oneness. Not once I doubted, it only took a bit more than a quarter of a century!

So here it is everyone, I present to you, Bindupoint. The point that I’m dedicated to point you towards. Look within and journey with me so I can take you on a ride of wonder, healing, liberation and most importantly, reverence to that which truly and only matters and it starts from within.

Jai Maa

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