About Bindupoint

Bindupoint is a center dedicated to promoting inner peace…

Bindupoint is a center dedicated to the illumination, nurturing, and development of one’s most inner being. Bindu is the source of cosmic potency. It is a point that we orient ourselves towards by learning stillness through guided meditation. Stillness nurtures our peaceful nature. It helps us to rejuvenate and integrate the restless and fragmented mind, promoting inner peace.

Bindupoint’s primary goal is to enhance the value of life through knowledge, education and qualities of dynamic transformation achieved through direct experiences within mindful practices in the body. Bindupoint Center for Presence will hold a multitude of diverse yoga, still and moving meditation classes, events and workshops on the nature of the mind and the Ultimate Reality, paving the path for a deeper awareness of the inner states of yoga.

Bindupoint’s intention is to uplift the human spirit from perpetual suffering. It is committed to providing the container for safe inner exploration and integration. It holds the potential space for self-realization and personal liberation while strengthening the soul’s convictions driven by streams of fierce wisdom from the Bindu source.

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