Events are unique programs in introduction to some teachers and healers that travel the world with their inspirational messages. In addition some of Bindupoint’s dedicated teachers provide inspirational and uplifting on-going events on monthly basis in bringing greater harmony and inner beauty into your lives.


Heathor Kulber
Fourth Saturday of Every Month

Join us for an energizing and blissful combination of drumming, meditation, chanting, dancing, and community! After tuning into our inner timekeeper (our HEARTS) and sinking our toes deep in the sands of our souls, we’ll attune to the vibrations of the universe and embark on a rhythmical journey – wherever our hearts & hands take us!
Feel free to express yourself however you feel – drumming, dancing, chanting, singing – drumming touches your soul, so let it FLOW!
Everyone is welcome – no musical experience required – even if you’ve never drummed, Heathor will show you the basics so you can join in & explore, as well as providing a variety of drums and percussion toys to experiment with… or bring your own!




Lahila Oppenheimer
First Saturday of Every Month 7:30PM-9:00PM

This Sound-Bath Immersion will provide a therapeutic application of sound frequencies to your mind, body, and spirit with the intention of creating a state of Harmony, Health, and Well-being. Lahila masterfully blends the transformational high frequency sound-currents of Gongs, Singing Bowls, Synthesizer (432hz), Nature-Sound Blends and Sacred Mantras and more… Sound-Vibration is the new vibrational medicine of our time.

It overwrites old energy imprints and patterns and aligns you with your Essential Self. When balance and ease is restored on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), it is in that very moment that tension drops, stresses vanish, and resistance gets released down to the cellular and subatomic level. Consequently, Healing And Transformation happens and Wellbeing is restored.
~ Quiets mind chatter
~ Deep profound relaxation
~ Feeling more centered and balanced within
~ Heightened perceptions and sensations in the body
~ Enhanced sense of wellness
~ Improved sleep
~ Decrease in stress, anxiety and depression
~ Release of blocked emotions
~ Alignment with Self

When Your Vibration Changes – Everything Changes




Brittany Hagerty
Not Currently Scheduled, Check Back for Upcoming Events

This workshop joins together like-minded individuals encouraging them to go within, share, connect, journal and enjoy guided meditation.

I wanted to create a space for everyone to come together to open their minds and hearts. Think Outside is a platform and resource that encourages you to “think outside the box”, get vulnerable and connect with like-minded people. You can expect to partner up, share some affirmations with the group, journal through thought provoking questions and close out with a longer guided meditation that incorporates beautiful level 2 reiki by Kaila. We will be in the midst of the Full Moon in Cancer energy so there will be a lot of emotion, release and some ceremonial practices incorporated throughout.


You can come with a friend but you are encouraged not to pair up with a friend, let’s celebrate the art of expansion and vulnerability by getting to know someone new!
Please bring your favorite notepad or journal for all writing exercises!
**This location is indoors so wear comfy clothes, bring a blanket, mat and/or small pillow. Also, it is highly recommended to bring a tumbler or travel mug with warm tea for grounding and to be waste free.**




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