Events are unique programs in introduction to some teachers and healers that travel the world with their inspirational messages. In addition some of Bindupoint’s dedicated teachers provide inspirational and uplifting on-going events on monthly basis in bringing greater harmony and inner beauty into your lives.

Sound-Bath Immersion

Lahila Oppenheimer
2nd Saturday of the Month

This Sound-Bath Immersion will provide a therapeutic application of sound frequencies to your mind, body, and spirit with the intention of creating a state of Harmony, Health, and Well-being. Lahila masterfully blends the transformational high frequency sound-currents of Gongs, Singing Bowls, Synthesizer (432hz), Nature-Sound Blends and Sacred Mantras and more… Sound-Vibration is the new vibrational medicine of our time.

It overwrites old energy imprints and patterns and aligns you with your Essential Self. When balance and ease is restored on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), it is in that very moment that tension drops, stresses vanish, and resistance gets released down to the cellular and subatomic level. Consequently, Healing And Transformation happens and Wellbeing is restored.
~ Quiets mind chatter
~ Deep profound relaxation
~ Feeling more centered and balanced within
~ Heightened perceptions and sensations in the body
~ Enhanced sense of wellness
~ Improved sleep
~ Decrease in stress, anxiety and depression
~ Release of blocked emotions
~ Alignment with Self

When Your Vibration Changes – Everything Changes



Bhakti Yin Yoga and Devotional Mantras

Puja Titchkosky + Amanda Perri
2nd Friday of the Month

Amanda will guide you through a meditative, slow, and deep yin practice as Puja serenades you with devotional mantras. Let the mind rest while you float into vibrations of bliss. You will have a chance to restore, rejuvenate, and tap into the physical, as well as the subtle bodies in a different way.

Puja and Amanda met when practicing together in LA and had an instant moment of coming home. Puja was drawn to Amanda’s big heart and overflow of joy that she shares with people. While Amanda was magnetized by Puja’s healing, angelic voice and beautiful Bhakti practice.

They began to work together, inspiring each other to access depths of their own devotional practices. The two knew there was something quite divine about their relationship and wanted to share their offerings with others. With a strong belief that there is this overflowing cup of Big Love for everyone to drink, Bhakti Yin was the first cup poured.



Jai Mā! An Introduction to Śākta Hinduism

Aditi Devi
Tuesday, December 18th

Learn the basics of the cosmology of Śākta Tantra, a unique form of Hinduism that focuses on the dark Goddesses of northeastern India and Nepal as the primordial and penultimate deities. Learn about the Śākta Goddess in some of her many forms, including Kālī and Kāmākhyā, the menstruating Goddess of northeastern India. We ask questions about what does Śāktism look like as an on the ground lived reality for people in India and Nepal? How might this small but potent stream of Hinduism inform our meditation and yoga practices here in the USA? How do we come into relationship with these dark Goddesses in our own personal spiritual practice? How do we work with the potent radiant energies of these Goddesses in a world that gives spiritual preference and priority to the masculine, the ascending, and energies described as ‘light’? How might these dark earthy Goddesses, and the associated worldview, inform us in bringing wholeness and healing to our own lives?

$30 Suggested Donation

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An Introduction to the Song of the Hundred Names of Adyā Kālī

Aditi Devi
Thursday, December 20th

Do you love the fierce dark Goddesses of India and Nepal and have a desire to go deeper in your relationship to Her? In this gathering, we will immerse ourselves in the embodied spiritual practices of the Goddess Kālī. Along with learning more about the Goddess worshipping spiritual lineage of the Kalīkula from north and northeastern India and Nepal, we will also explore the worship of women as the divine through the sādhana (spiritual practice) of the recitation the hundred names of the Dark Mother Kālī (ādyā kālikādevyāh shatanāma stotram). This devotional spiritual practice can be done alone as the foundation of one’s daily sādhana or in community. The recitation of Her names is a form of embodied devotion, where the deity and the devotee become one, where we learn to offer up our self-loathing to this dark loving Goddess and replace it with fierce self-love. Join us in this exploration of the Goddess Kālī Mā.

The book In Praise of Adyā Kālī by Aditi Devi contains all the material that will be used in this course. Copies of In Praise of Adyā Kālī are available for purchase at Bindupoint (signed by the author).

$30 Suggested Donation

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Cosmic Fire Satsang

Spanda Makt
Sunday, January 27th

Cosmic Fire Satsang is a gathering together to reach the Ultimate Truth, and to inquire into our true nature. We are all Enlightened in our deeper Truth of Being. Some have an enlightenment experience and serve humanity.
This being serves humanity as a living path, a bridge, and a Star Gate for others to journey into Love, Wisdom, and Unity Reality. These three aspects are in fact our true nature, only awaiting the subtraction of anger, fear, and limiting beliefs to emerge. During Satsang, people receive the four graces of enlightenment: love, peace, healing, and blessings.
This Satsang will include a Cosmic Fire Transmission, guided meditation, Dharma talk, question and answer time and Supreme Bright Light healing. Spanda and the attendees create a sacred space filled with divine energy, greatly benefiting all and promoting Enlightenment and the Evolution of Being.
Satsang is always by Donation. Your support helps spread the message of Enlightenment globally. Thank You!

$20 Suggested Donation

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Soul Portrait Paintings & Psychic Readings

Spanda Makt
Tuesday, January 15th

Spanda beautifully “paints what he sees” and speaks on your Soul’s Purpose and answers to your most important life questions, This is about the Art of Life Mastery, and being empowered with all the tools to create the masterpiece that is your life. Soul Portraits speak to the creation of personality “on purpose,” versus being at the mercy of your thoughts and feelings.
Spanda has helped thousands of people find Romance, Success and Health… After session with Spanda, people report huge shifts in their lives, including miraculous healing such as an end to migraine headaches (after just one session), or ailments such as limping.

Some ideas to prepare for your session:
~ Please consider what you eat and drink on the day of your session, drinking lots of water and eating foods that are as natural and nutritious as possible.
~ Please arrive early and allow up to 1 hour time for the session.
~ You can come with prepared questions or not. You can ask about anything past, present or future. Most people ask about health, relationships and success, as well as about departed loved ones, children, missing persons and many other subjects.
~ It is suggested you record on Your phone, however your session can be audio recorded by Spanda in MP3 format. If you bring a laptop, you can upload the MP3 immediately after the session, or I can email a link of the recording for you.

60 Minute Session: $180

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Date to be Announced!

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Coming Back in 2019!

Transformational Breathwork & 432 Hz Sound Immersion

Ash and Torkom Ji will guide you through an experience to connect, relax, expand, and restore. This breath and sound is designed to move any stuck energy in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to restore optimum flow of your life force energy and bring you back into your natural state of well-being.


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