Family Systems Constellations are a way of accessing an all-knowing field to uncover disruptions and energetic entanglements so that we, as well as our family members can find strength, wisdom, dignity, peace and a sense of truly belonging.

Hagop was drawn to this healing modality because of the trauma he experienced during war in Lebanon as a child, also because of his Armenian heritage and the lasting effects of the genocide in the early 1900s. His teachers, Dyrian and JoAnna Chartrand-Benz, were trained by the world’s leading expert in family systems constellations, Bert Hellinger.  Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, first brought family systems constellations to the Western world in 1990s.

Both Hellinger and the Chartrand-Benz team base their teachings on the philosophy that love and a sense of belonging are the foundations to fulfilling relationships in life.

Long-standing, multi-generational disturbances in these two cornerstones can create havoc for an individual as well as for the family.  Therefore, the goal of a family systems constellation is to restore the flow of love and acceptance to heal the soul that suffers.

Family Systems Constellations frequently address the following issues:

  • Challenges handed down from generation to generation
  • Divorce
  • Trauma of all kinds, emotional, physical and spiritual
  • Birth trauma, adoption, miscarriage, abortion etc …
  • Interpersonal and systemic family challenges
  • Early death or loss of loved ones
  • Family Secrets, addiction, abuse, etc …
  • Personal Issues, depression, anxiety, shyness, fear of public speaking
  • Survivors of war/Soldiers with PTSD
  • And more …