The ever calling out of our soul to find our innate center will never stop strumming its hymns in the depth of our existence. It takes desire, then courage to turn towards the calling, and then to listen deeply. What happens next would ultimately be an opening to some mystery of abandoned emotion, as a field of unresolved intensity of restlessness. Yet the real mysteries lie beneath these clusters of energy fields that hold parts of our spirit trapped within them.

When these fields of energy are being accumulated through one or many traumas, and the being in us is incapable of facing the emotional impacts of them, they cleverly become hidden in our subconscious mind, by our own higher consciousness for survival reasons. Surviving these moments into hours and days to weeks and then years, while they get deeper as they become denser lying dormant in the unconscious mind. The attempt then becomes that one day, the conscious mind will have the ability to choose to turn towards what was once a fear of acceptance of these traumas into finally relaxing into its movements of expressions.

Here, in this space, we cannot go with our minds, but by our sensations alone. It will take time for one to learn to relax into their sensations, without the mind’s constant interference. I teach as I’ve learned, to bring people back into their bodies through resting deeply on sensations, by following the subtle movements of their breath. This creates a new internal relationship to the wisdom of the body while deepening the relaxation experience. It opens us to become more available for what lies within, resting deeply and finding trust in the body to be the container, where these encounters and transformations of energy can take place.

The term “Mindful Meditation” is all about being present. The mind is full of presence, and that presence leads one to encounter that which is agitated and needs integration to arise fully and to find its way back home again. The fragmented spirit that once was entangled in the web of restless and intense emotional pain finds allowance of expression and existence by being felt fully. Hence, the trapped spirit finds its way home. And that becoming is the untold mystery. To become who we are, that which is whole and perfect, is a process. Its a collection of dispersed and neglected pieces of our spirit left in our history and yet, they are so fully within our energetic field where they create our reality. Attracting similar situations so they can resolve themselves through similar qualities of emotions.

One can never put off this merging. We must start at some point to listen deeply, finding our innate center piece by piece, so then we can vibrate in the same frequency of the Divine resonance that is rested deeply within us and all creation, speaking through hymns of the soul.