Years ago, one of my teachers referred to following gumdrops in the forest as a way of listening to how and what the Universe was communicating to me. And it would only be ONE gumdrop at a time, not a box full with a message and map! That teaching has served me well, especially as I continue my journey of aging.  It has also encouraged me to polish my sensory receptors and partially retire my logical mind.

What I know for sure (thank you, Oprah) is that I’ve learned to listen and watch for the signs (gumdrops), as they ALWAYS show up. I understand what it means to get out of my own way and let life flow (HARD) and to surrender my resistance to faith (HARDER).

The world encourages a left brain, masculine approach to life, and I bought a first-class ticket and traveled this train for 40 years. All the signs are warning me I’m at the end of this linear lifestyle. My body and spirit are clamoring for another approach to living. A better way to show up in the world. A kinder way to communicate. Some might call it magical. Some might call it fanciful. And some might just understand that it is a form of opening, receiving, and allowing. It feels more feminine. More in tune with what I need to successfully navigate my desire to live more in-the-moment and systematically free.

Facing several life-changing decisions, logic failed me. The form of action-taking that would have made sense years ago, is now unacceptable and unimaginable. Yet, the fear rose up as I had no clear course to take. And then, one gumdrop showed up. My insides fluttered. And then I swung backward into the darkness of needing to know all the answers. Another gumdrop revealed itself. I smiled. I knew the Universe was trying to convert me into a believer of one. small. step. at. a. time.  The next step is all I need to know. And trust that the next gumdrop will arrive.

I’m ready for a kind of sweetness in life that has eluded me, as I chased making  a living rather than creating a life.

I envision living my “third act” more alive, more connected, trusting, and resting in a wisdom that has evolved over a lifetime of experience.  Not relying on direct ways of being, but listening for my voice, and harnessing my intuition for direction. Relying on my wisdom and internal compass. Watching and patiently waiting for the next gumdrop.

What might you need to change as you continue aging? How do you envision living your third act?

To your mindful aging,