When we think of health, we may immediately think of eating well balanced nutritious food and maintaining regular physical activity, yet for maintaining a healthy mind we overlook and overthink, creating stress. Culturally we are not taught how to maintain an overall health of the psyche that has been overwhelmed by fragmentation. This dispersal is caused by experiences of alienated feelings due to the environment growing up which created confusion and trauma.

Meditation is an ancient practice that creates the ground for integration and stabilization of the fragmented parts of the mind. Meditation is our most natural state of existence. A phenomenon that has been completely forgotten throughout centuries due to the psyche’s need to defend itself from external forces of power and control. Meditation is a deep resting space on the inner most states of peace. In this stage peace hasn’t left us, we have abandoned it!

The aim in meditation is not to stop thinking but rather be fully present with whatever is relevant in the moment without trying to change or judge it. The intention in meditation is to find the observer’s seat within and learn to deeply listen, establishing a relationship with inner spaciousness. Resting in deep observation deepens an inner container where fragmented parts can integrate. This integration happens naturally when one practices meditation on a regular basis, strengthening the muscle that pulls and directs awareness by will. It cannot be stressed enough that meditation is food for the mind, body and soul.