Mother’s Temple

Here, nestled in a corner at the sacred Center of Bindupoint, resides even a more profound sacredness called The Mother’s Temple!

Stills Your Body and Mind

Here, at The Divine Mother’s Temple, the space is Thick with Her presence. The air is filled with incense and warmth of the oil lamps. When you arrive at Her doorway, Her presence stills your body and mind. In that stillness, She speaks as if She is reminding you of something so ancient that you have always known.

You Have Missed It So Much

Some just stand there and notice a subtle revelation; a stirring, if you will, starts to happen inside and so very deep. She then takes you into silence, you cannot help but drop into silence.

That Familiar Feeling

It feels as if an inner door has just been unlocked, and there you stand in front, touching a space that is so familiar, and that you have missed so much, and then if you dare to have courage, you realize you have yearned it all your life.

She Sits Beside You

If you go inside and sit, She will sit beside you, on your left, on your right, in front, in back, above and below. She will embrace you all around. Will you look at Her, will you see Her? What happens after, is only between you and Her.

A Mystery To Explore

Who is She, where does She come from, where is Her home? That’s the tale for you to discover, a marvel to wonder and a journey to explore. A mystery for you and a delight for Her. All I will tell you is that She is who gives birth to the Universe.

Meditation, Prayer, and Contemplation

You may use the Mother’s Temple for your prayers, contemplation and private meditation.

Honoring Sacred Space

We ask that you be unwaveringly mindful of this space and treat it as most sacred and precious. Be present and in full relationship with Her presence for your entire stay. Be aware of your steps and how you turn and move in this room. Thank you, and may you be blessed by Her ocean of nectar. Jai Maa

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