Spring is time of renewal and birthing. Time of divine opening towards new opportunities. We look to the Spring to start new projects and or shake up the old ones, removing parts that no longer serve us.

We often wish that the spring will bring us a new horizon and new possibilities, we bask in our thoughts visualizing, waiting for changes to come with the soft sense of spring breeze that gives us promises of rejuvenation. We get hands on in cleaning up the closet, the house, the garden. We feel the joy in anticipation of the moment that couldn’t come early enough. Yet we may forget that our habits and attitudes also need clearing, or else all the shaking down and decluttering would only be on the surface, we have done a lot of that and yes it has served us, temporarily!

A substantial change requires the willingness to go deeper than just a pretty surface. It takes courage to face what is present with us. We reject so much of our feelings because it doesn’t feel nor look good, we shove away these unwanted feelings somewhere within. We pretend they don’t exist, denying our unresolved issues and cluttering up our energy body, then suffer from anxiety, stress, physical, mental and emotional imbalance, forcing our way through by deep entrenched toxic habitual behavioral patterns.

Here at Bindupoint Center, we provide a stabilized ground, pointing all towards resolving unhealed emotional clutter that is carried around from one relationship to another, aimlessly pushing relationships to work, when in fact we need to work on ourselves first. There is no way around our ignorance of our pain, it will rule us and be our boss until through our diligence, facing that which we do not like transforms. In this way we declutter creating room to move towards a freedom that our soul yearns for.