Designed to bring a deeper specificity into a subject matter,
while giving you tools necessary to deepen your understandings.

As a courtesy to others, please refrain from wearing perfumes.


Teacher: Jeroen de Wit
Not Currently Scheduled

Join us for a fun adventure exploring your past lives using Dolores Cannon’s method for group regression.
After a short introduction to Past Life Regression we’ll journey into our multidimensional nature accessing one or more lifetimes where you might find the origin of patterns in your current life. Following this we’ll have time to share experiences and ask questions.

Jeroen was trained by Dolores Cannon in 2006 and has regressed hundreds of people since. His work is featured in the Hayhouse book “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” by Cathy Byrd.

In Studio $40
Virtual $30




Teacher: Larise Kia
Not Currently Scheduled

Our reality is a projection of our learned experiences repeating themselves until we intervene through awareness and clarity to create deliberate change. Our experiences are lodged in our chakras as beliefs that continue to contribute the habitual thinking that cause stagnation in life.
In this workshop, highly energized crystals will be placed on chakras. Crystals amplify, open and break apart clogged up chakras transmitting streams of high vibrational energies that are communicated into the central Channel and chakras by the angelic realm and Sound.
What to expect in this workshop is a renewed sense of wellbeing, lightness and freshness with clearer intentions and perspective moving forward in life with deeper sense of value and purpose.




Teacher: Susan Raglin
Not Currently Scheduled

Designed to:
*Strengthen and support your immune system
*Calm your nervous system to encourage rest, repair, healing, and digestion
*Get a good restful sleep

Make this day a spa day just for you. Not able to take a vacation? Do a little staycation. Nurture yourself all day. A nice Yoga workshop, an epsom salt soak later with candles and sweet music. Take time just for you.

We will cover the best practices for a deep healing sleep. Asanas, for immune function, flushing the lymph system, aiding in digestion and healing.

When we get stuck in the stress response the sympathetic nervous system goes on overdrive. We go into fight, flight or freeze mode. This creates a chemical cascade, of which cortisol is a big part. Over time this messes with the whole body. Particularly the digestive system gets disrupted, where 60% of our immune system resides. Thus downgrading the immune system.

Learn how to strengthen the immune system through deep relaxation by stimulating the vagus nerve, a part of the parasympathetic nervous system, the relaxation response. The vagus nerve enervates our internal organs.and is a cranial nerve that starts in the brain.
When stimulated, it sends messages to your brain of safety. Coming out of fight, flight or freeze mode into rest, digest and heal mode. It allows you to think straight coming out of the amygdala into the prefrontal cortex the reasoning part of the brain.

By stimulating the vagus nerve, through pranayama, chanting, humming, laughing or singing, we go into relaxation states, where we can, rest, digest and heal. Over time healing will occur. This may take some patience, depending on how long we have been in the stress response.

These are some of the ways that I have discovered work for me during these stressful times. By being willing to feel what Im feeling and let it go. Developing a sense of humor about the things I have no control over and asking for help when I need it. Going deeper into my awareness and developing inner stillness.




Teacher: Diana Osberg
Not Currently Scheduled

Renew your body, heart, mind, and spirit in a deeply restful afternoon of mindful breathing, CBD chocolate, Yin yoga, and sound therapy. You’ll begin your journey with mindful breathing to bring you into the present and open you to connection with self and the Divine Universe. Then savor a CBD Dark Chocolate Expresso Chew hand-made by Lord Jones from single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate. These delicious treats are infused with the finest broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD to dissolve little aches and pains and promote a calm sense of well-being. They do not contain THC and will not get you high.
As the CBD takes effect, facilitator Diana Osberg will use therapeutic sound instruments and lead you through a gentle Yin yoga practice to mindfully elongate and lubricate the deep connective tissues, increase circulation and flexibility, regulate the flow of vital lifeforce energy, and promote relaxation. Your journey will conclude with a blissful and transformative soundbath to instill feelings of tranquility, remove energetic blocks, release emotional trauma, and cultivate deep meditation.

You must be 21 or older to attend.

or Buy Two and Save: $90



Teacher: Hagop Takvorian
Not Currently Scheduled

In a single session, a Family Constellation attempts to reveal a supposedly unrecognized systemic dynamic that spans multiple generations in a given family and to resolve the pleasant effects of that dynamic by encouraging the subject to encounter representatives of the past and accept the factual reality of the past.
In other words the underlying subconscious causes of an issue, relational, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual can be revealed and become conscious, it then becomes possible to heal and resolve these issues.
In these dynamic family constellation workshops there are two levels of participation.

1-The inner circle, consistent of 2 individuals whom choose to work on their issues directly.
$120 per session, only 2 permitted.

2-The outer circle consist of witnessing the constellation work and receiving resolutions and healing through the entanglement of the inner circle’s issues.
$25, can be consistent of up to 60 people.

$120 per person in the inner circle
$25 per person in the outer circle Or See Pricing for Package Deals

SIGN UP For The Inner Circle
SIGN UP For The Outer Circle


Teacher: Brian Kukan
Not Currently Scheduled

Learn How to Give Reiki to Yourself and Others

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-kee”) is a Japanese word roughly translated as “universal life-force” or “spiritual energy” and the practice of Reiki is a hands-on relaxation modality that guides the mind, body, and spirit into peace and balance. Learn how to use your hands to help family and friends (and YOURSELF) heal, relax, and rejuvenate without depleting your own energy. As you learn how to use Reiki, you will find that you benefit from giving it as much as the person receiving it.

In this class you will learn and receive:
• The translation of Reiki and what it means
• How Reiki works
• The History and Lineages Reiki
• The basics of working with energy
• The Reiki Principles
• How to give yourself and other a Reiki treatment
• Hand Positions for 3 different Reiki treatments
• An introduction to the 7 chakras in the body
• Spiritual tools for maintaining a healthy mind
• 2 Reiki Attunements
Students will have time to practice giving Reiki to themselves and with each other.




Teacher: Michael Gallagher
Not Currently Scheduled

When we practice self-expression, we get to see and discover so much more about our inner world while seeing it bloom in the outer world, all without requiring syntax or traditional logic. In essence, expression provides a unique moment to cultivate a stronger appreciation for our deep-down, most authentic selves and higher spirits that flow through us as creative energy. Come express yourself with this meditative art experience. You’ll feel a soothing release and transfer of energy in allowing the metaphysical to touch the physical reality. Work to grow love and acceptance for your authentic expression. Practice creating without fear and without judgment. Not a painter? Don’t worry! This practice does NOT emphasize or require any artistic skill or experience. Expect: guided meditations, breathwork, essential oils, calming music, acrylic painting and more!

All supplies provided. Limited capacity.




Teacher: Denise Lampron
Not Currently Scheduled

Aging can be subtle or blatant, and not something we can avoid, although we often try to ignore that we are aging! Is it possible to understand your aging, and to be curious and courageous about it in a way that influences your experience of aging? This workshop asks these questions and will explore the possibilities. We will discover the “why” that drives your choices and will unlock the “how” that will work for you in your aging journey. Come with your questions and we welcome your answers and experiences.

$35 or
Bring a Friend, Two for $55



Teacher: Vajra Ma
Not Currently Scheduled

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power® is a devotional moving meditation. It is all three things and it requires all three things, deep meditative awareness, your moving in surrender to that awareness, and your devotional intention.

We begin in stillness. We feel our womb and rest in it, breathing into the womb, the source. We open to our heart, feel our desire but also our fear to be fully alive, to be loved and seen, naked.

From this openness we let ourselves discover pleasure because every feeling and desire, and even the simplest of movements create subtle sensations, which we can choose to receive as pleasure. We feel the pleasure, let ourselves be affected by it, let it flow through us and create movement and shape.

When we do this, we stir direct awareness of the Goddess—Maa!—as our innermost self, answering our devotional intention. From this, all Her powers, can blossom, compassion, discernment and fierce wrath, erotic bliss, beauty, and wisdom.

In this practice, we forget what we were taught and experience what we know.

Are you ready?

All 3 Days $190
1st & 2nd Days $140
1st Day Only $80


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