Designed to bring a deeper specificity into a subject matter,
while giving you tools necessary to deepen your understandings.

Vital Danza

Teacher: Blair Allen

4th Saturday of Every Month

Vital Development is a life affirming movement practice. A true celebration of life, an exciting pathway of human potential and heart-opening, peace activism through movement.
There are no steps to learn. We use metaphors to guide the group toward a higher conciousness and a feeling of deep connection to all beings.
This work was created by a psychologist, Rolando Toro. He was a teacher of anthropological medicine at the School of Medicine of Chile, where he did research in and experimented with the expansion
of consciousness. His theory was that human consciousness could be positively influenced by music and dance.
This work is about becoming present in the here and now.
When we are present all of life becomes enchanting.
This work has the potential to speak to all people, no matter race, religion, political view, sexual orientation or belief.
During a workshop we come together in unity. We work on ourselves and return to life feeling lighter, more connected and able to share the gift of the present with others.
With regular practice your desire and courage to live will increase.

$25 Or See Pricing for Package Deals


Past Life Regression Workshop

Teacher: Jeroen de Wit
Saturday, July 27th

Join us for a fun adventure exploring your past lives using Dolores Cannon’s method for group regression.
After a short introduction to Past Life Regression we’ll journey into our multidimensional nature accessing one or more lifetimes where you might find the origin of patterns in your current life. Following this we’ll have time to share experiences and ask questions.

Jeroen was trained by Dolores Cannon in 2006 and has regressed hundreds of people since. His work is featured in the Hayhouse book “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” by Cathy Byrd.



Family Systems Constellation

Teacher: Hagop Takvorian
Second and Fourth Wednesday of Every Month 7:00PM-9:00PM (Until Aug)

First Saturday of Every Month (Starting Sept) 4:00PM-6:00PM

In a single session, a Family Constellation attempts to reveal a supposedly unrecognized systemic dynamic that spans multiple generations in a given family and to resolve the pleasant effects of that dynamic by encouraging the subject to encounter representatives of the past and accept the factual reality of the past.
In other words the underlying subconscious causes of an issue, relational, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual can be revealed and become conscious, it then becomes possible to heal and resolve these issues.
In these dynamic family constellation workshops there are two levels of participation.

1-The inner circle, consistent of 2 individuals whom choose to work on their issues directly.
$120 per session, only 2 permitted.

2-The outer circle consist of witnessing the constellation work and receiving resolutions and healing through the entanglement of the inner circle’s issues.
$25, can be consistent of up to 60 people.

$120 per person in the inner circle
$25 per person in the outer circle Or See Pricing for Package Deals

SIGN UP For The Inner Circle
SIGN UP For The Outer Circle

Learning Tarot – Introductory Workshop

Teacher: Nadine Kijner
Saturday, August 10th

Beginner and intermediate level

Tap into your highest intuition and your sagest guide — yourself — through learning how to read the tarot.

The ancient wisdom within each card can guide you into and through life’s most precious, challenging and important moments. Times of intense change or crisis, uplifting times of powerful new beginnings or creativity and self-express and even falling in love.

Join me at Bindupoint Center for a 3-hour experiential journey to learn the basics of the Tarot. Not only is Tarot an incredible tool for clarity and decision-making, it is a Soul pathway towards self-discovery, healing and self-love. Messages emerge; learn to refine and cultivate them for the highest good of all.

In this Tarot Workshop you will learn:

— Basic introduction to Tarot
— What are Major Arcana cards
— What are Court Cards
— The meanings of each suit – Cups, Wands, Pentacles And Swords
— Numerology associated with the Court Cards
— How to connect to your Intuitive knowing
— How to draw a card for a specific question
— We will read cards for each other within the group so everyone can learn from each other
— There will most likely be joy and laughter!

$70 Workshop + Tarot Card Deck Bundle
$50 Workshop Only


The Art of Mindful Aging Workshop

Teacher: Denise Lampron
Sunday, August 18th

Aging can be subtle or blatant, and not something we can avoid, although we often try to ignore that we are aging! Is it possible to understand your aging, and to be curious and courageous about it in a way that influences your experience of aging? This workshop asks these questions and will explore the possibilities. We will discover the “why” that drives your choices and will unlock the “how” that will work for you in your aging journey. Come with your questions and we welcome your answers and experiences.

$35 or
Bring a Friend, Two for $55


Mindful Paint Night – Meditation & Creation

Teacher: Michael Gallagher
Friday, August 23rd

Get into the feel-good flow of the moment through painting!

This mindful art session by HeARTbreak Studios sets meditation into motion through the act of creating, which is our method of bringing the chattering mind into stillness, letting stress release, and encouraging self-expression. This is a process focused approach, and does NOT emphasize or require any artistic skill or experience. Expect: guided meditations, breathwork, essential oils, calming music, acrylic painting and more! Come enjoy this transfer of energy, letting the metaphysical world make contact with physical reality. Let’s meditate, create and feel great!

– *limited capacity*
– Come in any comfortable clothing you’d like.
– All supplies provided.



“Opening”, A Chakra Study & Healing Workshop

Teacher: Larise Kia
Saturday, August 31st

In this workshop, we explore experientially, and study the human energetic field that is composed of the central channel, Sushumna, chakras, and layers of the auric fields that are emanated from them.
The exploration contains deepening into consciousness of the chakras, their functions, qualities, talents, and fears associated with them that block life force and would keep one in habitual undesired patterns. We will learn how to rest in these fields to see, hear, feel and touch what is held in our own personal field.
Resting in these fields through guided meditation and working with creative principles of light (Melchizedek), expands awareness of consciousness and relationships to its content, creating a field that addresses mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Hence unveiling the roots of conditioned behavior, and habitual patterns while providing necessary healing for flow of life-force energy for adequate layers of awakening.
This workshop will conclude with a sound-bath and divine resonances of sound toning.



Shamanic Journeying

Teacher: Hagop Takvorian
Not Currently Scheduled, Check Back For Future Workshops

Learn basic shamanic journey therapy skills through accessing the shamanic state of consciousness, Introduction to the Shamanic cosmology. Journeys to the lower world and to the upper world, Journeys to meet spirit teachers. Learn Basic skills in shamanic divination and problem solving. There will also be one demonstration of a shamanic healing session to a willing participant.
What to bring; a rattle if you have, loose clothing, pen and paper for taking notes.




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