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THE ART OF WELL-BEING Virtual Workshop Series

Teacher: Denise Lampron
This is a 4-Week Series on Saturday Afternoons
April 17, 24, May 8, & 15 (Skip May 1)
12:00-1:00pm PST

Self-Care is no longer good enough. Our lives, bodies and spirit are yearning for more and our souls are demanding something deeper. Our beings need wellness in its many forms. Well-being certainly includes the physical, but it goes way beyond the physical. A prayer is a form of well-being, ending a difficult relationship or quitting a stressful job is a form of well-being, as is a smile offered to a stranger. Society has encouraged us to regularly push past our reasonable limits in favor of reaching goals that still won’t bring joy, fulfillment or well-being. A lifetime of living this way saddens the heart and numbs the body and spirit. I invite you to join us as we address how to implement well-being, especially as we age.

The Art of Mindful Aging is happy to be offering another virtual course in it’s series — The Art of Well-Being — beginning Saturday, April 17 @noon-1pmPST for 4 Saturdays, April 17, 25, May 8 and 15 (Skip May 1).
We will be defining and discussing well-being, how we easily sabotage it, when and why we bypass it, how we justify ignoring it and much more.

One of our recent attendees has said about The Art of Mindful Aging virtual course:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed our classes and discussing issues with the wonderful women who have participated. You are an amazing coach and I count my blessing that you are a friend for life. Your inspirational words have resonated through me and will continue to guide me on a daily basis.” Anna Ruth.

As your 68-year-old host, Denise Lampron believes that aging is a time to harness our gifts, embrace the history of our lives, and allow our wisdom to guide ourselves and our communities. We are “modern elders” and deserve to be held in high regard, and treated with respect. Together we can change how the world views aging and leave a legacy of hope, strength and possibility for future generations.

Full 4-Week Series: $75
Single Workshop: $25




Teacher: Brian Kukan
Not Currently Scheduled, Check Back for Future Dates

Numerology is a way to use numbers to explain the world, and more specifically, our roles in it. It can be a fun way to look at ourselves and figure out what our numbers say about our personalities and our life’s purpose. Numerology can be used to determine what course in life best suits you and it can explain why you get along with some types of people and not others.
In this workshop you will learn:
*The Personalities of Numbers.
*How to find your Life Path Number.
*How to find your Soul Number.
*How to find your Personality Number.
*How to find your Destiny Number.
*What these numbers say about you and your life.
*How to give a Numerology Report to your friends.
*How to use your Numerology to be in tune with the flow of life.
Worksheets will be included. Calculator not necessary, but may be helpful




Teacher: Michael Arnstein
Not Currently Scheduled, Check Back for Future Dates

Change can be difficult, especially when it involves loss, but change is the only constant in life. Impermanence, or anicca, is one of Buddhism’s central doctrines. Today’s world puts us face-to-face with just how unpredictable life really is and how quickly and drastically it can be turned upside down. But this isn’t a cause for fear. Understanding impermanence can actually help us let go and find more peace in our lives.

Join us for a discussion about impermanence and how we can take the concept of change to heart to support us in challenging times, cultivate well-being and gratitude, and lead a more fulfilling life. Workshop will include discussion and guided meditation.



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