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The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power® One Day Immersion

Teacher: Larise Kia



The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power® is a devotional meditative movement sourced in the womb which connects us to the subtle energy channels of the body. Its refined focus on natural sensations of pleasure awakens Shakti, the raw creative ever-present force of creation. Surrendering to these inherent energies awakens receptivity and spontaneity of movement that is transformative and liberating.

The dance is an inner journey of deep exploration of power, it is not codified and yet requires a few simple guidelines that bring greater focus and specificity for tuning into the instinctive energy that is self-referred and that elevates awareness as what has been held in the body as a suppression and or wisdom.

The dance is a direct path to the Devotional heart, felt with complete reverence and humility, unfolding mysteries of life and knowledge of the Goddess, it’s a prayer to inwardly worship one’s own Shakti.

This devotional meditation is originated by Vajra Ma and is core lineage practice of her mystery school, Woman Mysteries of Ancient Future Sisterhood ® (Women Only Class) This Is Not a Neo Tantra

Including a meal


Winter Solstice Event

Teachers: Larise Kia,
Sunday December 18th 2022 11am-7pm

Winter Solstice Details to come