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We offer a variety of yoga classes that provide
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YOGA NIDRA with Essential Oils Yoga Class

Teacher: Deepa Chemery
Mondays 6:00PM-7:00PM

Yoga Nidra is a state of mind between wakefulness and sleep that opens deep phases of the mind. Yoga Nidra—known as yogic sleep—is a meditation and conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. It is a practice in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions.
During this practice of quiet serenity, you’ll be guided into relaxation with the addition of soothing essential oils carefully chosen to enhance your experience.

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Teacher: Suzanne Slade
Tuesdays 9:30AM-10:45AM

Restorative yoga incorporates gentle movement and breath work to restore the physical and mental body. This class will consist of 5-6 poses that will be held to allow the body to open and receive what it has been craving. You will feel completely supported in each position and modifications can always be made to accommodate every student. Each class will finish with Yoga Nidra Meditation to complete our practice deeper into the mind and subconscious. Feel rejuvenated and clear as you restore your body, mind, and inner self.

$25 Or See Pricing for Package Deals

GENTLE Yoga Class

Teacher: Susan Raglin
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:00PM-1:15PM

A slower-paced and safe class. This class is great for anyone, especially for those with physical limitations or injuries, and beginners. Focuses on therapeutic alignment for joint and body health and adapting poses for each individual’s needs. Emphasizes breath to reduce stress and tension. A great preparation for Meditation.

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Teacher: Andy Blackcrane
Wednesdays 10:00AM-11:00AM

Andy Blackcrane’s Tai Chi class at Bindupoint is for all levels. Here you will learn both Yang and Chen style meditational movement including it’s health benefits and historical significance. Absorb techniques to energize yourself through deep relaxation. Find your route at the center of your own personal psychology. Get your day and life moving in a powerful direction. Tai Chi is an ultimate expression of self love and you will grow in this awareness.

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QIGONG YOGA Fusion Class

Teacher: April Day
Thursdays 9:30AM-10:45AM

This class is a unique blend of breathing exercises, stretches, strengthening postures and flowing movements combining the ancient practices of Qigong and Yoga with the intention to energize the body, awaken the heart and calm the mind. Rooting the mind into the body and gaining awareness through movement provides one access to being grounded, centered and a sense of being “in the flow”. This class is suitable for all levels.

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Teacher: Diego Gesualdi
Fridays 12:00PM-1:00PM

Nyasa Yoga is the cultivation of embracing Prana as life force, moving it to the Chakras and to the Nadis which are energetic flow of irrigation system throughout the body that keeps us alive.
The class will start with a few Yoga poses to bring focus and attention into the body and to the here and now. Next moving into deep relaxation poses of Yoga Nidra to purify and clear the path of prana to prepare for meditation of Nyasa yoga along with some visualization and chanting chakra bija sounds internally for cultivation of spiritual growth.

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Teacher: April Day
Saturdays 10:00AM-11:15AM

Qigong is a wonderful mind/body exercise form originating in China over 5,000 years ago. Practiced by millions of people around the world, qigong is considered the ultimate energy workout. By combining gentle stretches, strengthening postures, and flowing movements, qigong opens the body’s energy system in a therapeutic way. The word “qi” ( pronounced chi ) means life force and “gong” means to work skillfully with. Qigong practice teaches one how to work with energy in six different ways; cultivating, circulating, clearing old energy, exchanging, transforming, and storing in the center. Qigong movements mirror the movements of nature, especially the fluidity of water. Combined with breathing techniques, qigong releases stress, boosts the immune system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and increases the body’s innate healing potential. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to increase overall wellness and find more energy and joy in life.

$25 Or See Pricing for Package Deals


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