I work with individuals and groups to bring awareness to the internal experience, finding their innate power. I do this through different modalities of still and moving meditation. This opens the path for one to take responsibility for self-care, healing the wounds of the past and resolving traumas.

It is now widely recognized that meditation contributes to peace of mind, lowers and eliminates stress and anxiety, and heals mental and emotional pain. We are multidimensional beings, vibrating in this three-dimensional world of duality, entangled in a karmic loop of incarnation, until we own up to our wholeness and find freedom from dualistic judgmental minds that create suffering.

Our bodies are a living library of all existence. We need to embody the body in here and now. As we learn to drop our gaze into the inner existence, we imprint new pathways of awareness that heighten our sensitivity and elevate our intuition. We then are compelled in making conscious and deliberate choices, responding to life verses reacting in victimization.

Peace and inner contentment are already present, we just need to vibrate in their capacity!