Mirroring the movement of nature with Qigong flows bring you in harmony with the natural world and enable you to feel a lightning flash of vitality and “in the flow.” Many qigong movements are circular and include spirals that awaken life force energy and raise one’s vibration.  Spirals are one of the oldest geometric shapes found throughout the ancient world. The spiral is fundamental to nature, appearing in animals such as the snail, seashells, and occurs in natural phenomena such as whirlpools, hurricanes, tornadoes and spinning galaxies. Spiral are a powerful symbol for creation and growth. Qigong, often described as “the art of effortless flow”, allows you to fine tune your energy to the rhythms and flows of the natural world. Join April on Thursday and Saturday mornings at Bindupoint to learn the self -healing practice of Qigong and to tap into the wisdom of nature as you energize your body, mind and heart.

April teaches Qigong on Saturdays at 10-11:15am and Qigong Yoga Fusion on Thursdays at 9:30-10:45am.