Not only is Tai Chi one of the healthiest exercises in healing heart disease, arthritis, and depression, it is a powerful life style that can make you very happy.
To learn properly, you must be trained by a Tai Chi master.
Andy’s mastery has been forged by fire and he’s a part of the finest lineage. His teacher certification is for ten years and ten thousand hours of apprenticeship.
Andy has taught privately for over a decade in northern Colorado and southern California. He teaches Yang style to beginners and Chen style to advanced students and is known for teaching the secret exercises that really get the chi flowing.
Andy has a great passion for Tai Chi. He is proud to have pupils who have healed major injuries, restored alignment and posture, and gained a great confidence in themselves.
Born and raised in Southern California, it is Andy’s mission to be a beacon of healing in this community.
You will love your Tai Chi experience with Andy Blackcrane because he cares deeply about you.

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Wednesdays 10:00AM-11:00AM

Andy Blackcrane’s Tai Chi class at Bindupoint is for all levels. Here you will learn both Yang and Chen style meditational movement including it’s health benefits and historical significance. Absorb techniques to energize yourself through deep relaxation. Find your route at the center of your own personal psychology. Get your day and life moving in a powerful direction. Tai Chi is an ultimate expression of self love and you will grow in this awareness.

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