Usui reiki master IV, RYT 200 hr. yoga instructor, holistic health coach, and feng shui master with the International school of feng shui

Nicole Marrè discovered the gift of reiki in 2010 after she became an RYT certified yoga instructor in San Diego, CA. Her hatha yoga teacher training served as a catalyst for continued education in anusara and tantra yoga, as well as intensive studies of different modalities of energy healing. Nicole has since become a Usui reiki master level IV with the Usui shiki ryoho method and offers certifications, workshops, and private sessions in Los Angeles and San Diego. She also lovingly creates trainings and workshops on the human chakra energy system, facets of tantric yogic philosophy, and curates gatherings and retreats to reconnect humanity with the natural world. Nicole’s personal style of reiki incorporates several aspects of her wellness education including the application of crystal therapy, vibrational healing, breathwork, and meditation.

Today, Nicole joyously serves her community through reiki, yoga classes and teacher trainings, meditation sessions, space clearing of homes and businesses, land blessing, feng shui, and holistic real estate. She passionately finds it her purpose to provide an integration of diverse holistic healing approaches to empower others toward whole health in mind, body, spirit, and environment.

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Reiki Sound Healing Donation-Based Class

Tuesdays 7:00PM-8:15PM

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-kee”) is a Japanese word roughly translated as “universal life-force” or “spiritual energy” and the practice of Reiki is a hands-on relaxation modality that guides the mind, body, and spirit into peace and balance. As the body and mind settle into a state of relaxation, the natural healing systems of the body are activated, and the body can begin to detox and repair itself. It is important to know that a reiki master is not the source of this life force energy but is simply trained to tap into and direct it. Clients may experience a variety of sensations, thoughts, and/or emotions during a Reiki session. Common effects of the treatment include feeling: serene, supported, at peace with the world, empowered, clear of mind, and having a sense of overall vitality. Being that reiki is an energetic healing modality, the results of a treatment can often be felt for days or even weeks afterward, inspiring profound shifts in one’s life.

These Reiki healing classes are combined with Sound-Baths. Variety of instruments and vocal chanting are used to amplify the healing energies generated, expanding capacities for deepening into flow of healing powers.

This is a donation-based class, while no one is turned away for lack of funds, suggested donation is $20, you may donate less or moreSIGN UP

Nicole Marrè’s Class Schedule

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