Aaron has been a meditation practitioner for twenty plus years. His initial training was through Shambhala – where he taught beginning meditation. He was active in the Diamond Approach for five years and has studied a number of integrative systems, particularly around the intersection of psychology and spirituality. Aaron initially came to the path for the simple reason of feeling dissatisfied. The transformation he experienced through meditation was radical enough that it became difficult to imagine life without it. It is a gift he appreciates being able to share with as many other people as possible.

Along with being a meditation teacher Aaron is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
He has explored a number of personal growth and healing practices including men’s groups, neurofeedback, breath work, yoga, brain entrainment, altered states of consciousness, and authentic/conscious relating.

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Wednesdays 8:00PM-8:45PM
Saturdays 5:00PM-5:45PM

A class exploring two fundamental and transformational aspects of regular meditation practice: being with things as there are and cultivating what is helpful.

Being with things as they are helps us to know ourselves and reality purely and directly, resting as an observer and bringing awareness to the nature of our experience. Cultivating what is helpful deepens our access to qualities such as compassion, love, stillness, embodiment, peace, or letting go. It strengthens our capacity to make them a part of our daily life.

All of this will be explored through guided meditations in an open, grounded, loving space.

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Aaron Crowe’s Class Schedule

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