Amy Doublet has over 23 year experience as a bodyworker and trauma therapist. An expert on the nervous system healing and neuroplasticity she specializes in healing developmental and shock trauma.

Trained in many wacky modalities both energetic and science based. She combines the latest neuroscience with magic (not really magic but the knowledge of stress physiology – still science).

She speaks the secret language of the animal brain and is super excited to share it with you. So it’s not kept secret but transformative in a pro-social way. Amy is highly intuitive, an added bonus (shh).

Amy is known as a healers healer because of her extensive training and experience, having worked with over 33,000 people. Because of her own healing, she knows that trauma doesn’t have to be a life sentence. You can come out of survival responses and thrive.

She has a meditation practice and is always learning. She believes it’s important to be in integrity to hold space for others. She practices iyengar yoga and is often found on her peloton or cuddling with her two cats. If you can’t reach her assume she’s in nature without any tech.

Her private practice is in WLA but also works extensively over zoom, online. Besides helping other clinical practitioners she works with award winning creative artists, actors and musicians.

Amy travels internationally to assist Dr. Peter Levine and his Somatic Experiencing trainings.
She is currently developing her own online programs for those overwhelmed & stressed out in the general public. She has began to host retreats in the US and internationally.

Amy is committed to changing the world one nervous system at at time.

Offerings By This Teacher


Not Currently Scheduled, Check Back for Future Dates


In this class you will begin releasing pain from the past and the constant worrying for the future. You will feel safe to be present here and now.

How to calm your nerves in troubled times.
Why emotions go from zero-60 in a few seconds.
Why wild animals do not get PTSD but people and their animals do.
How being stuck in fight, flight or freeze can make you sick.

Your body speaks it’s mind. Nervous system healing is a new language that is easy to learn.
Freedom from stress & fear is possible. Connect to your animal brain, speak its language and heal your nervous system.
You will leave feel safer and more connected to your clarity, creativity and vitality!



Not Currently Scheduled, Check Back for Future Dates


You will leave this class with the #1 tool that will reduce and release stress anytime, anywhere.

How your primitive brain controls survival responses.
Why can’t think your way out of toxic stress.
Why overwhelm hijacks your ability to focus.

Stay Calm in troubled times and stress-less.

Be your own medicine by better understanding your nervous system.
In this 1hr class you feel more present, grounded and in your body.
Amy’s clients pay $185.00 for this tool, you’ll get it for free.


Amy Doublet’s Class Schedule

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