Ashley Neumeister creates group and one on one experiences that facilitate a deeper knowing and acceptance of what and who we are. Her desire for personal transformation and transcendent experience has led her to study with many teachers including sound healing with Wayne Perry of the “Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles”, breathwork with Michael Brian Baker of “The Breath Center”, and Reiki while in Dharamshala, India.

In 2012, during her process of self discovery, it became clear that she was meant to share these practices with as many people as possible. Currently, her work consists of facilitating transformational sessions pulling from her knowledge of breathwork, sound healing, aromatherapy, dance, reiki, shamanism, and meditation. She teaches around Southern California including at transformational festivals, retreats, regular sessions at The Den Meditation Studio in Hollywood, and is the co-creator of “Pulse: A Transformational Breathwork & Sound Immersive Meditation” with Torkom Ji and “Phoenix: A Transformational Journey with Movement, Play, Breath, and Sound”. Her passion is to create safe spaces for people to journey inward to dismantle their limiting beliefs and leave with a greater sense of acceptance and peace.

Offerings By This Teacher


Monday 8:00PM-9:00PM

Join Ash for an intimate group Transformational Breathwork & Sound Healing session. This session is designed to get your Mind, Body, and Spirit into it’s relaxed, natural state. From this place we can receive guidance, clarity, healing, remembrance, vitality and so much more.

Ashley will guide you though this experience that incorporates group toning and breathwork with beautiful music and sound healing instruments.

$25 or See Pricing for Package Deals

Pulse Event

Coming Back in 2019!

Transformational Breathwork & 432 Hz Sound Immersion

Ash and Torkom Ji will guide you through an experience to connect, relax, expand, and restore. This breath and sound is designed to move any stuck energy in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to restore optimum flow of your life force energy and bring you back into your natural state of well-being.


Ashley Neumeister’s Class Schedule

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