My whole life I’ve been working with artists and creatives in one way or another. I started a music journalism site at 16 and went on my first tour at 17 because I knew that I was destined to be involved with the industry on a grand scale. Not only was I living the same lifestyle and relating on every level possible, but I truly cared about my role. Upon connecting with so many people, identifying our behaviors and habits, I realized that the real change begins with the mindset. With that realization, I started digging deeper into consciousness, the healing arts and my own unique gifts. After diving in for about 3 years, I now want to marry the two realms by bringing Think Outside and its many facets to the industry and world at large.

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This workshop joins together like-minded individuals encouraging them to go within, share, connect, journal and enjoy guided meditation.

I wanted to create a space for everyone to come together to open their minds and hearts. Think Outside is a platform and resource that encourages you to “think outside the box”, get vulnerable and connect with like-minded people. You can expect to partner up, share some affirmations with the group, journal through thought provoking questions and close out with a longer guided meditation that incorporates beautiful level 2 reiki by Kaila. We will be in the midst of the Full Moon in Cancer energy so there will be a lot of emotion, release and some ceremonial practices incorporated throughout.


You can come with a friend but you are encouraged not to pair up with a friend, let’s celebrate the art of expansion and vulnerability by getting to know someone new!
Please bring your favorite notepad or journal for all writing exercises!
**This location is indoors so wear comfy clothes, bring a blanket, mat and/or small pillow. Also, it is highly recommended to bring a tumbler or travel mug with warm tea for grounding and to be waste free.**


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