As a child Charlotte Talbert knew she had been given the ability to heal and recognized this as a gift from God. She remembers the responsibility of caring for and healing sick family members from a young age and knew later in her life that it was because she has this special ability to heal others.

As an adult Charlotte attended a workshop that challenged her to open and use her mind. The more she used the new techniques and knowledge the more awareness she had of her healing gift and how to use it to heal. She can see others’ physical pain and can read auras to tap into what is needed for healing.

She has her SWIHA Reiki Master Teacher Certificate and her Mind Psi-Biotics Physic Healing Certificate. She has spent many years donating her healing gifts and is a gifted and certified Reiki Master. These sessions bring Charlotte closer to God and this inspires her to continue her work through Reiki healing.

Offerings By This Teacher

Private Reiki Healing Sessions

In a private session with Charlotte you will feel your spirits uplifted, your outlook on life will improve, and your physical pains will be eased. In a typical session you will lie down with your eyes closed and relax while Charlotte uses Reiki healing to aid in healing of the mind and spirit.

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