Coming from a ballet background, Dharamjeet Diana DelMonte began a Hatha Yoga practice in 1986 when she moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast.

Falling in love with the joy she found in Kundalini Yoga, she trained at Golden Bridge Yoga with Master teachers Gurmukh, Gurushabd, Teg, and Harijiwan, and received certification as a Kundalini yoga instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) in 2010.
Through the years Diana has trained in and attended Vipassana and Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreats. Since taking Jukai (lay ordination) in the Zen tradition at the Kanzeonji Zen Buddhist Temple in 1991, she has adhered to a vegan diet and lifestyle. A spiritual activist and animal advocate Diana lives her life into a practice of Ahimsa, a Buddhist doctrine of refraining from harming any living being.

Diana is a Reiki Master and shamanic healer initiated in the Andean tradition. She is also a certified remote viewer, and world-renowned animal communicator who is sought for her expertise in behavioral problems and locating lost animals world wide. As an accomplished artist and educator she has taught art, yoga, and meditation to thousands of children throughout Los Angeles within LAUSD, private schools, summer camps, galleries and museums. Authoring two books, and a Spirit Animal oracle deck with Kundalini meditation guidebook, Diana aspires to uplift others through her writing and yoga practice. She lives with three Zen Masters––her felines who guide and keep her on track.

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Sunday, April 14th

In this Two-Hour Introduction you will learn how to sense energy, and become aware of how we receive information on multi-levels. You’ll learn how animals communicate, and how we use telepathy unconsciously in our everyday lives. Engage in a group activity to understand the process of how Animal Communication works, and to see how easy it really is. If time allows we’ll practice by swapping photos of our animals. Bring photos, and be prepared to have fun!

*Please print-out your photos. Cell phone photos do not work.



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Explore our mystical union with animals and nature. Created out of Diana’s love for animals and children, this special class will introduce children to “journeying” in the Native American tradition to find their Power Animal. We learn how to use the Medicine cards. Exploring the Andean Shaman tradition we will learn about the Six Directions and make a “mesa.” We will also branch out into the world of animal communication, learn to sense energy, and to send and receive thoughts with animals. Every class will enhance and deepen our bond with both our animal companions at home, and with our wild animal friends inhabiting our back yards.

Ages 7 – 12.

Diana Delmonte’s Class Schedule

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