Diego is a Health and Wellness Instructor who graduated from The Chopra Center (Carlsbad, CA) as a Vedic Educator with an emphasis in Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda. He studied with leading teachers and healers in the field, such as Deepak Chopra, David Simon, DavidJi, Claire Diab, Victoria Nichols, Teresa Long, Vamadeva Shastri, Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, and lately, with Maryam Naghibi, a Junior Iyengar certified instructor.
In1983, Diego was initiated in Transcendental Meditation by Francisco Casas, head of TM in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Diego has continued this journey by introducing Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda into diverse locations, such as Prisons, Rehabilitation Programs, Health Organizations, Community Centers, and Schools Likewise, as the Founder of “MYA,” Diego has led thousands of novices into meditation. MYA (Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda) was founded in 2011 as an organization to spread these disciplines within the community. There is a monthly newsletter, workshops, yoga classes, meditation classes, ayurvedic consultations, etc. provided mostly at LA area.

Because Diego has a life-long connection to Rugby as a player, he often personalizes his teachings for Athletes. But Diego is primarily dedicated to instructing meditation and yoga for everyone. For instance, he leads classes at YogaLoft Yoga Studio in San Fernando Valley, and at Passages Malibu-Ventura (the prestigious rehab center in Oxnard, CA,) where, he guides patients to use meditation as a way to counter their self-destructive addictions.

Every year, Diego is invited to return to the Chopra Center as a teacher at workshops, such as “Journey into Healing” and “Seduction of Spirit.” He also participates in the teachers’ training seminars for the Chopra Center Certifications. Moreover, He has delivered educational talks at places such as: Procter and Gamble, North County Correctional Facility, The Cancer Community Center in Redondo Beach, Taft High School, Carlo Inc., Univision TV and several Public Libraries in the Los Angeles area.
Diego employed his skills as a bilingual speaker when he traveled back to Argentina in 2014, 2015, 2016 to teach workshops in both Buenos Aires and Rosario. While there, He lectured at Universidad Del Salvador and Colegio Ingles Horacio Watson, among other venues. He plans to make these forays into South America an annual occurrence. In 2016 he was the keynote speaker and yoga instructor at Lima Medita 2016 held at Miraflores, Lima – Peru; event in which he participated with Roger Gabriel (Raghavanand) internationally renowned meditation teacher.

His on-going commitment to the study of Yoga continues with seminars, conferences, and training with senior teachers in the LA and San Diego areas

Offerings By This Teacher

Proper Alignment Yoga Class

Fridays 10:00AM-10:55AM (Until February 22)

Hatha Yoga (The Physical Yoga Practice) based on proper alignment, learning how to use the right group of muscles to consciously align the bones against gravity. Deeper exploration of a variety of poses (Asana) as breathing exercises (Pranayamas). This class will provide you with a good understanding of Yoga poses as will improve you physically gaining strength, flexibility and balance. All levels are welcomed, but expect a challenging class.

$25 Or See Pricing for Package Deals

Yoga and Meditation Class

Fridays 5:00PM-6:00PM (Until February 22)

Based on Raja Yoga (The Eight Limbs of Yoga) this class begins with some relaxation poses to deeply connect with the body, emotional center and intellectual center and slow down our stress. Then the class move into the Asana practice to work the connective and muscular tissues and ends with a 15 minutes meditation. This class encompasses the entire practice of Yoga including its philosophical aspects. Perfect for students that want to explore Yoga and the wisdom and benefits of meditation. All levels are welcome. Every aspect of this class is thoughtfully explained by the teacher.

$25 Or See Pricing for Package Deals

Diego Gesualdi’s Class Schedule

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