My Name is Esther Ruber. Over a decade ago, I earned my master’s degree in occupational therapy. My work in this field has allowed me to participate in the healing of individuals with various cognitive and physical conditions across all ages. I have always been an intuitive healer. Working primarily in an institutionalized setting, I have listened to my heart, and reached far outside of the conventional box to help people find their strengths. The birth of my daughter two years ago inspired a cascade of mental, physical and emotional shifts that sparked a great passion for women’s health. January of 2019, I took my Doula certification (DONA) in order to deepen my ability to serve women, not only by having the opportunity to attend births, but by having greater awareness of the internal magic that happens to women around motherhood, even women who choose not to be mothers. A power is ignited when women come together to support each other. Currently, I facilitate the growth of this power through creating educational and social opportunities for women in the community. My first workshop titled “Find your Inner Honey” was successfully received early this year at A Mother’s Haven, a boutique for new moms, as well as a parenting class hub. The workshop’s mission is to frontload women with strategies to integrate self-care as a way of life, empowering overall wellbeing in the workplace. The workshop is projected to be presented at Google, Pandora and DreamWorks before 2021. I look forward to developing more tools for women in the community, individually, and in collaboration. Love, Create, Heal!

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• Find your Inner Honey is a 2hour, multimedia workshop that helps women grow their innate capacity to source their own wellbeing at work and beyond. A work-book is included with the workshop to facilitate functional carry over of learned skills and information.
• Practical mechanisms include but are not limited to somatic practice, mindfulness skills, and movement-based therapies.
• Referenced research includes works from Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, SE practitioner Kathy Kain, Dr. Anne Baldwin, and SE practitioner Irene Lyon.
• These practical tools help participants to unlearn the conscious and subconscious habits that have kept individuals entirely dependent upon environmental factors to be joyful and productive at work.
• Through group activities, open discussion and written exercise, participants can expect to experience themselves in a new light and use new tools to maximize wellbeing and joy in the workplace.


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