Gabriel is a poet, artist, strategist and PhD researcher. For over a decade, he has served as a trusted advisor to fellow seekers – empowering them to be their better selves.

He is also an energy coach to empathic and sensitive people, helping them to understand their gifts, remove negativity and have more energy.

In his heart of hearts, he is a healer.

He loves animals and other creatures, and he often draws (channels) them.

Offerings By This Teacher

Sound, Movement, Stillness Class

Mondays 7:30PM-8:30PM

This class will help you shake off the negativity and agitation of the day and feel deep peace and calm in your body. We will achieve this sense of relaxation primarily through sound (chanting, singing bowls) and movement (yoga, stretching). If we are sincere in our practice, we can reconnect with the timeless state (stillness, meditation) – which is available to us all, and which imparts energy, clarity and buoyancy to life.

Come join us.

$25 Or See Pricing for Package Deals

Gabriel Kauper’s Class Schedule

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