Larise Kia Megerdichian is the founder of Bindupoint, Center for Presence and was brought forth from her unwavering devotion, dedication and tenacity to share practices of healing, strength and oneness. She is an artist and a clairvoyant. She is well versed in the content of human energetic field and the movement of consciousness in its many forms. She has studied with many adept teachers over a course of 30 years focusing on the sacred cosmology of the universe. She has been a practitioner of the subtle body movement practice of “The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power®” for over 23 years; has completed The Red Door Priestess Training; and the Woman Mysteries of The Ancient Future Sisterhood ® originated by Vajra Ma.
She is a sound healer who uses Sound Bath and toning to create pulsations that expand clarity of consciousness, for awareness to deepen into fields of personal existence.
Larise has come to the richest layers of her studies and practices over the last ten years as a Sri Vidya practitioner under the guidance of a master teacher and Yogini Nita Rubio, who is a disciple of Yogini and Shri Vidya Adept Uma Parvathinath Saraswati.
In addition, Larise has been initiated into and practices in a Shakta lineage. Bindupoint is the physical heart of Larise’s sadhana where she is able to support others by providing sacred space, guidance, and spiritual training. Larise is in service to and a devotee of Maa.

Offerings By This Teacher


Tuesdays 7:00-7:45pm PST

Join me in guided meditation to lighten and elevate your personal purification frequencies, where it then reverberates outwards adding onto the global purification potential. Writing history for a positive future timeline. You will be guided to deepen into your own source connection while establishing your seat within your body to anchor and uphold higher vibrations of peace. Soaring together inwardly, embodying pure love, as we weave a tapestry of togetherness that benefits all sentient beings.

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Wednesdays 10:00-10:45am PST

This is what mindfulness is all about. Learning to be present in all that we do is mindfulness. Our power to create life deliberately resides only in the present moment. It is impossible to be mindful where so many issues from the past have not been resolved. Learning to be mind-full of presence takes desire to face and heal past wounds while setting intention to practice where awareness is directed.

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Saturdays 11:00-11:45am PST

An act of doing is not limited by a physical action alone, but rather act of having any thought. Having a body while breathing is not the act of being.

Being is a collected field of full awareness held and embodied in the container of the body without the contamination of any past or future projections.

Join me in practice of being.

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Tuesdays – Saturdays
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45 Minute Session: $75

Assisting you in revealing hidden issues that are masked under subtle layers of victimization.

Strengthen your relationship to your inner source where all healing and transformation develops.



Not Currently Scheduled

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-kee”) is a Japanese word roughly translated as “universal life-force” or “spiritual energy” and the practice of Reiki is a hands-on relaxation modality that guides the mind, body, and spirit into peace and balance. As the body and mind settle into a state of relaxation, the natural healing systems of the body are activated, and the body can begin to detox and repair itself. It is important to know that a reiki master is not the source of this life force energy but is simply trained to tap into and direct it. Clients may experience a variety of sensations, thoughts, and/or emotions during a Reiki session. Common effects of the treatment include feeling: serene, supported, at peace with the world, empowered, clear of mind, and having a sense of overall vitality. Being that reiki is an energetic healing modality, the results of a treatment can often be felt for days or even weeks afterward, inspiring profound shifts in one’s life.

These Reiki healing classes are combined with Sound-Baths. Variety of instruments and vocal chanting are used to amplify the healing energies generated, expanding capacities for deepening into flow of healing powers.


Larise Kia’s Class Schedule

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