Larise Kia Megerdichian has followed her desire for embodying well-being and joy all her life. Always curious, exploring the nature of the mind, and paying specific attention to the alignment with the inner natural well of wellbeing. Therefore, her life became a dedication in search of finding equanimity, while exploring the hidden aspects of the mind that rests elsewhere.
She is an artist and a clairvoyant, this ability helps her see impressions around any living quantum field or energy, thoughts included. Translating these impressions into practical information that are hidden from the conscious awareness.

She is well versed in the content of human energetic body/field, and the movement of consciousness in its many forms. She has studied with many adept teachers over a course of 30 plus years, focusing on the sacred cosmology of the universe. She has been a practitioner of a subtle body movement practice “The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power” Originated by Vajra Ma, for over 25 years, refining her ability to rest deeply on nuances of energetic patterns.

Her devotion led her to create Bindupoint. A center which holds collection of spiritual practices and methodologies, aimed at the illumination of the most authentic aspect of oneself, while nurturing its potential. In this way she continues to address for herself and others, that which is in full alignment of integrity with one’s own source connection. She continues to be a student and practitioner of Sri Vidya, thought by Yogini Adept Nita Rubio, in school of Kaula Tantra Lineage.

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Sunday, May 22nd 10am – 5pm
$135 or $108 Early Bird

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The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power® is a devotional meditative movement sourced in the womb which connects us to the subtle energy channels of the body. Its refined focus on natural sensations of pleasure awakens Shakti, the raw creative ever-present force of creation. Surrendering to these inherent energies awakens receptivity and spontaneity of movement that is transformative and liberating.

The dance is an inner journey of deep exploration of power, it is not codified and yet requires a few simple guidelines that bring greater focus and specificity for tuning into the instinctive energy that is self-referred and that elevates awareness as what has been held in the body as a suppression and or wisdom.

The dance is a direct path to the Devotional heart, felt with complete reverence and humility, unfolding mysteries of life and knowledge of the Goddess, it’s a prayer to inwardly worship one’s own Shakti.

This devotional meditation is originated by Vajra Ma and is core lineage practice of her mystery school, Woman Mysteries of Ancient Future Sisterhood ® (Women Only Class) This Is Not a Neo Tantra



Wednesdays 10:00-10:45am PST

This is what mindfulness is all about. Learning to be present in all that we do is mindfulness. Our power to create life deliberately resides only in the present moment. It is impossible to be mindful where so many issues from the past have not been resolved. Learning to be mind-full of presence takes desire to face and heal past wounds while setting intention to practice where awareness is directed.

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Thursdays 7:00-7:30pm PST

Expect to enter this virtual class with you planted on your seat, closed eyes, and ready to dive deep in 30 minutes of a guided meditation, realigning with your source while strengthening that setting.

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Saturdays 11:00-11:45am PST

An act of doing is not limited by a physical action alone, but rather act of having any thought. Having a body while breathing is not the act of being.

Being is a collected field of full awareness held and embodied in the container of the body without the contamination of any past or future projections.

Join me in practice of being.

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45 Minute Session: $75

Assisting you in revealing hidden issues that are masked under subtle layers of victimization.

Strengthen your relationship to your inner source where all healing and transformation develops.


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90 Minute Session: $175

We are continuously influenced by our surroundings and our own habitual critical thinking. What follows are feelings of stagnation, where energy buildups have not been processed nor released causing pain, resistance, struggle, sluggishness, and confusion. Just as we take time to shower for our physical hygiene and freshness, we need to address these buildups of energies that clog up and interrupt flow of life force nestled in our chakras, the energy centers of the body.
Soundbath, laying of Crystals on Chakras, and Angelic Realm of Melchizedek are utilized in these one on one high vibrational sessions. This process opens and breaks apart stagnations, clearing up the path of flow within the central channel where chakras resign, releasing dense energies. What to expect is coming back to a state of lightness and relief. When you hold less, you participate in life more freely, when obscurations are lessened or removed, clarity arises, contributing to a more fulfilled life of wellbeing and of clear purpose.


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60 Minute Session: $125

Meditation is our most natural state of existence. Through consultation and interpretation of impressions, a fully customized guided meditation made just for you, will create the ground for healing and renewal. A delightful practice for self-realization. This session will address where you are in your life now, and how meditation can help you grow more capacity for what you hold dear. The guided meditation can be recorded and practiced on your own.

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