Michael Arnstein is a meditation teacher and life and mindfulness coach helping people restore more joyful balance to their lives. His work is inspired by his (thus far) decade-long journey toward a more balanced life that has radically shifted his mental and physical well-being, his alignment with his authentic values, and his ability to show up for life with more purpose and conviction.

His relationship to mindfulness has been particularly informed by education and practice of Buddhist philosophy and meditation in Southeast Asia and formal teacher training in mindfulness and compassion meditation with The Path, where he now helps lead meditation teacher trainings.

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Wednesdays 7:00-7:45pm PST

Meditation is practice for showing up in the real world. Our exploration on the cushion prepares us to meet life with greater awareness, acceptance, conscious choice, and equanimity. Each week, we explore wisdom for meeting life with more skill and grace, using meditation to develop deeper connection to ourselves and others and cultivate the ability to be less reactive and more responsive to life.

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