Michael is a animal communicator and animal healer based in Los Angeles. He grew up with dogs, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and birds. Two of the most transformative periods in his life were both marked by animals. Michael’s black cat Bandit, who he adopted in 1995, was his first cat, and not only opened his eyes to how amazing cats are, but also to how the friendship and love with an animal is no different and no less deep than that with another human.
In 2013, Michael embarked on a month-long trip to Thailand to volunteer at a village that rescues elephants. The experiences he had with those special, highly-evolved animals led directly to a life rebirth that started him down the path that led to animal communicating.
Michael is a certified practicing animal communicator and healer. He has trained under the tutelage of renowned animal communicator and teacher Joan Ranquet and Communication With All Life University. He is well-versed in EFT tapping and Scalar Wave energy healing, two effective modalities to support the health and well-being of our furry companions.
Michael lives in the Hollywood Hills with his wife Diahann and his family of cats: Butch, Sundance, Picasso, Lyle, Yoda, and Luna Bear.
Michael’s goal is to not only to help people with their immediate issues with their animals, but to help connect us all on a deeper level to our brother and sister animals. We’re all in this together.

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In this workshop, Michael will explain what animal communication is, how to practice it, and how we can help our companion animals and deepen our bond with them through this practice. Connecting with animals is an inborn, natural ability that we all have and have largely ‘forgotten’ because of our reliance on verbal communication. Michael will lead participants in a meditation where everyone will learn how to connect with an animal and will actually practice it for themselves. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a pen or pencil, and bring something to write on (paper or notebook).


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