Nadine Kijner has been reading Tarot for over fifteen years and was honored to receive the Best of Los Angeles 2015 Tarot Reader award. She utilizes her blend of intuition, wisdom and heart-centeredness, with her knowledge of the cards to read your current energies and circumstances. Her intention is to assist you on your path towards empowerment, evolvement and healing. Health, wellness, peace of mind and balance are the qualities she strives to guide you towards.

Her traditional education, combined with multi-culural travels and Spiritual Studies, give her a wide range of understanding. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University in Psychology, and an MFA in Professional Writing from University of Southern California. She has published short stories, magazine articles and is currently at work on a book on the Tarot and a novel. She is a Reiki Master, offering soothing, gentle healing sessions, and reads Astrology charts, and can blend these different modalities to customize your session. Loss and grief, and relationship issues are her area of expertise. She comes from a grounded, centered perspective, an educated background, and richly varied personal life experience.

She has been practicing yoga for 16 years in Santa Monica, Ca. Spanish is her first language, though raised in the United States, in the Mid-West and East Coast, to South American -Eastern-European parents. She worked in the film business many moons ago, and has traveled extensively through Europe, Israel, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and other places.

“Spot on” is the phrase most used by her clients.

Offerings By This Teacher

Learning Tarot – Introductory Workshop

Saturday, August 10th
$70 Workshop + Tarot Card Deck Bundle
$50 Workshop Only

Beginner and intermediate level

Tap into your highest intuition and your sagest guide — yourself — through learning how to read the tarot.

The ancient wisdom within each card can guide you into and through life’s most precious, challenging and important moments. Times of intense change or crisis, uplifting times of powerful new beginnings or creativity and self-express and even falling in love.

Join me at Bindupoint Center for a 3-hour experiential journey to learn the basics of the Tarot. Not only is Tarot an incredible tool for clarity and decision-making, it is a Soul pathway towards self-discovery, healing and self-love. Messages emerge; learn to refine and cultivate them for the highest good of all.

In this Tarot Workshop you will learn:

— Basic introduction to Tarot
— What are Major Arcana cards
— What are Court Cards
— The meanings of each suit – Cups, Wands, Pentacles And Swords
— Numerology associated with the Court Cards
— How to connect to your Intuitive knowing
— How to draw a card for a specific question
— We will read cards for each other within the group so everyone can learn from each other
— There will most likely be joy and laughter!

Personal Tarot Reading

Saturday, August 10th

30 Minute Session: $80
60 Minute Session: $140

Utilizing the ten card spread, focusing on your energy, the cards will bring messages specifically for you, from the universe. The reading reveals your current circumstances, what you are undergoing or feeling, and assists with clarity and guidance. If you have other questions that haven’t been addressed, we can ask about those, in the longer sessions.


Nadine Kijner’s Class Schedule

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