Susan E. Raglin aka Anasuya is a L.M.U. Yoga Rx teacher, has her E-RYT 500 Hours registration with Yoga Alliance, and is a Certified Prime of Life Teacher. She is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and a member of the Samata International Yoga Center. She has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years in the greater Los Angeles area. She has Worked with such clients as DreamWorks, Esalen Retreat Center and was the Director of Yoga at the J.Paul Getty Center. She is currently teaching at Yoga Blend in Burbank. Susan also holds Therapeutic Yoga Clinics, as well as, teaching privates.

Offerings By This Teacher

GENTLE YOGA Virtual Class

Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00PM-1:00PM

A slower paced safe class. Great for anyone, especially for those with physical limitations or injuries and beginners. Focusing on therapeutic alignment for joint and body health and adapting poses for each individual’s needs. Emphasizing breath to reduce stress and tension. A great preparation for Meditation.

$12 Or See Pricing for Package Deals


Not Currently Scheduled

Designed to:
*Strengthen and support your immune system
*Calm your nervous encourage rest, repair, healing, and digestion..
*Get a good restful sleep

Make this day a spa day just for you. Not able to take a vacation? Do a little staycation. Nurture yourself all day. A nice Yoga workshop , an epsom salt soak later with candles and sweet music. Take time just for you .

We will cover the best practices for a deep healing sleep. Asanas, for immune function, flushing the lymph system, aiding in digestion and healing,

When we get stuck in the stress response the sympathetic nervous system goes on overdrive. We go into fight, flight or freeze mode. This creates a chemical cascade, of which cortisol is a big part . over time this messes with the whole body. Particularly the digestive system gets disrupted, where 60% of our immune system resides. Thus downgrading the immune system.

Learn how to strengthen the immune system through deep relaxation by stimulating the vagus nerve, a part of the parasympathetic nervous system, the relaxation response. The vagus nerve enervates our internal organs.and is a cranial nerve that starts in the brain.
When stimulated , it sends messages to your brain of safety. Coming out of fight, flight or freeze mode into rest, digest and heal mode. It allows you to think straight coming out of the amygdala into the prefrontal cortex the reasoning part of the brain.

By stimulating the vagus nerve, through pranayama, chanting, humming, laughing or singing, we go into relaxation states, where we can, rest, digest and heal. Over time healing will occur. This may take some patience, depending on how long we have been in the stress response.

These are some of the ways that I have discovered work for me during these stressful times. By being willing to feel what I’m feeling and let it go. Developing a sense of humor about the things I have no control over and asking for help when I need it. Going deeper into my awareness and developing inner stillness.


Susan Raglin’s Class Schedule

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