Bindupoint, Center For Presence, in Encino is your new meditation and yoga hub, created and dedicated specially just for you in mind. Bindupoint has been a dream in the making for over a quarter of a century and it’s here with great joy to share with you some life transforming events.

It has been my intention to create a unique space for nurturing and elevating awareness for my fellow human beings, to bring their awareness back to their soul’s calling. Our civilization despite its magnificent creative ability has been under tremendous conditioning of control. This has reduced our ability to be fully present embracing the fullness of who we have always been but forgotten. And so, I’ve gathered some very masterful teachers in the field. Each teacher and their teachings give us a piece of the whole, to support and connect us back to our own true spiritual heritage and to our divine connection to each other and most importantly to nature.

These teachings assist in bringing forth the necessary experiences for personal and spiritual development. They illuminate subtle qualities that are nestled in fullness of consciousness that we hold. It’s important to understand that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. We are multidimensional beings, vibrating in this three-dimensional world of duality, entangled in the consensus reality of judgment. Therefore, we are in a karmic loop of incarnation, until we own up to our wholeness, freed from dualistic judgmental mind that continues to create suffering with its reduced dualistic perception.

It is no new news that meditation and yoga contribute to peace of mind. They lower and eliminate stress, anxiety, and heal mental and emotional pain. These are just a few first steps into a daily practice. I’ve created Bindupoint, bindu is cosmic potency, it’s the source where all creation stems from. We orient towards our inner bindu to draw forth cosmic wisdom that nurtures the soul. Meditation and yoga open the path for one to take responsibility for selfcare, healing the wounds of the past and resolving traumas that continue to bring forth suffering. Here at Bindupoint, we have made yoga and meditation easy. Come for one and stay for the other in a back to back class, take one of our life affirming workshops, or get rejuvenated in one of our sound-bath events. There are many layers of offerings that we hold here, all with love! We look forward to serving you and your loved ones.