It seems that the perfect moment will never arrive for me to write my first blog. Why do we procrastinate? Why do we drag on the suffering? Is it because we are so addicted to suffering that we create it no matter what? Are we so invested in staying in discomfort of holding ourselves accountable for things that we haven’t done or are not doing? Why is it so hard at times to get up, pick up the pieces and move on? The truth is, that’s all we have, what else are we to do besides move forward? If we don’t move forward then we can drown into the mud deeper, making it harder to get out. But isn’t it that lotus’s roots gestate in the mud, a place where beauty can take form?

It seems silly and all, when you look back and see yourself so attached to suffering. Because every moment we have choices. How we choose to look at things sets the path in front of us. Making conscious decisions, practicing choices, and eventually It doesn’t matter what we choose, what matters is that we are taking responsibility for the choice/s without blaming anyone or ourselves. Our ability to be clear in the moment, has to do with our relationship to that entanglement of suffering. Our capability to hold broader perspective is a must, a larger world view helps us to reach deeper into our core and pull from the well of our inherent wisdom.

One must give up something to gain something else. If I hit my bottom, where I cannot nurture my suffering any deeper, then that is a triumph of an ending! A declaration of acceptance is a powerful spiritual act. Everything shifts at this stage. The shift is a focused upward rising of creativity, embracing the possibilities of what is available to weave into any progression of action/s. Suddenly life looks gorgeous again. My world view turns towards possibilities, and everything I look at has something to give me to further my gain. What has changed is only my perception by practicing my choice/s.

Suffering’s premise is an engraved emotional trauma stroked on our soul. It leaves its long-term impression on our sub and unconsciousness. A hidden entangled force, seeking resolution through repeating itself in self-loathing patterns or qualities of such. If we are aligned and in graced, then awareness kicks in, choices are practiced, and one can eventually catch up with results of its new conscious choices and become detangled from the web of suffering. And yet suffering can creep back in as it is the ground for this dualistic three-dimensional world of ours. One must practice mindfulness in all actions of thought to recognize the slippery slope of the entanglement into suffering, and prevent the sliding, and eventually a big belly laugh would do well not to take ourselves so seriously nor the belief that we need to suffer.

From the lap of Bindupoint Center For Presence, A Meditation & Yoga Studio
Larise Megerdichian