The responses I often get to my frequent invitation “Come to the drum
circle” are:
– I’m not a drummer
– I’m not musical
– I have no rhythm
It’s so sad that people feel this way about themselves – it’s so UNTRUE!
I understand – many of us have been told that we AREN’T musical –
perhaps by a teacher or even a parent who didn’t have patience to
guide you or to put up with hours of listening to someone learn. We
all feel self conscious when trying something new – EVERY ONE OF US –
we’ve been programmed into thinking we must be perfect, on-time, in
focus – all the time.
Take a moment – put your hand on your heart – feel that beat –
constant, on time, un-changing…
Feel your breath, weaving & dancing around that beautiful beat…
THAT is your rhythm – we are all born with it. What makes the
difference is tuning into it, then letting go – let go of any doubt,
let go of the need to be perfect, let go of thinking about it – be
that beat.
It’s as simple as that – it doesn’t need to be fancy, intricate,
impressive – it just needs to BE –
Let the beat flow through you – becoming one with the millions of
vibrating molecules that make us solid, material beings – and you feel
your body relax as it recognizes it’s natural state…movement,
vibration, connection.
It’s not really about being musical at all – its about being
human…feeling…listening…connecting…The drum has been a conduit of
connection & spirit since the dawn of time – and we need this
connection in our daily lives even more so in this fast paced,
discombobulated, disconnected society.
Come to drum circle. Leave your worries, cares, & expectations at the
door. Come inside, feel your heart & rhythm, connect with you &
connect with others. Let the beats wash over you & heal you inside &
out. Let your inner child come out to play & reap the benefits of
bliss, joy, connection & community. Drum your heart out….and allow the
drum to open you up to a new world of joy, play, creation, & connection!

Heathor holds a monthly drum circle here at Bindupoint, every 4th Saturday of the month at 7:30-9:00pm.