Meditation requires stillness. Stillness is not easily achieved when so much power and attention is given to the restless mind. We become conditioned to overtly give and lose power to thoughts that stem from fragmentation of our energy/spirit. Due to layers of unresolved issues that has created confusion or emotional pain that we refuse to own, nor know that we have a choice to own. So, the fragmentation flows in our energetic field of subconscious and unconscious as shadows. In chakras as clusters of crystallized thought forms, creating scars and holes in the auric field that contribute to boundaryless behaviors. This keeps us in confusion, conflict, doubt, anxiety and insecurity where the restlessness of the mind does not find any neutral ground to rest or integrate. Staying on a loophole, perpetuating restlessness and becoming further separated from inner experiences of inherent connectedness of wholeness.

We become so accustomed to controlling our external world with tension of what may rise to evoke the stuffed pain. Resisting opportunities that can address taking responsibility towards resolution. Playing small, feeling insignificant and powerless, fully being ignorant of how our reality is woven based on what is held in our energetic field of thoughts that create vibrational gravity of like attracts like (law of attraction)! The worst and most common parts are using victimization of having a restless mind as an excuse for not having time to do anything about it!

The constant stimulation of external stimulus of technological world, play a numbing effect on our overall psychological health. They tend to draw the remaining powers of awareness outwardly, weakening us further in taking deliberate conscious actions towards claiming our awareness that leads to power of choice.

It takes diligence to stay aware, courage to pierce through numbness, and desire to stay focused on a path consciously chosen to integrate the fragmented parts. Meditation has been used for centuries to achieve higher states of consciousness, which simply means a state of wholeness. When all restless parts are integrated, what remains is a seat of peacefulness to rest upon. This is truly beautiful. At first, we only see it as a concept, we have an understanding of what it could look like and yet we cannot touch it or maybe won’t even consider it since we are too busy staying fragmented. But if we have the good karma, then maybe our path unfolds to where we consciously would choose to embark on a meditation practice, actualizing the states of peacefulness.

With each round of sitting in a meditation, we deepen. A meditation practice is not complicated at all, the mind may make it look as it is. Its like being so addicted to sugar or any other stimuli, sitting and doing nothing with eyes closed becomes the enemy of the restless mind. The restless mind seems louder when you close your eyes and attempt to quiet down. Choosing to give up is like giving your full authority repeatedly to restlessness and powerlessness. At this state, we are totally confused as how it is our own deliberate choice that keeps us in restlessness. Wherever the focus goes our attention flows. So being fixated on restlessness leave no room to search or touch any other space.

A Transcendental or mindful meditation can be any sitting of a meditation that one makes the smallest shift from what was to what is. Like observing the fullness of the breath movement or staying with whatever that arises even for a very short time. Or, having the experience of restless thoughts but remaining in the same space observing them without trying to change or manipulate them. A shift is a shift of consciousness, a new space to touch in the landscape of our inner existence. We wouldn’t know what really lies beneath and how deep we are extended in fabric of creation if we don’t consciously go there to own what inherently is us!

Meditation is a space to begin. Turning inward, pulling our gaze and attention to the sea of inner spaciousness.  We are woven with much stronger fabric than we give ourselves credit; our overall psyche exists in multitudes of dimensions. Any attempt at quieting down and aiming towards stillness, pulls layers of our own higher resonance to help integrate the fragmented parts. Consistency is the key, creating an inner pathway to rest on takes conscious desire and regular strolls to actualize the pathway. We do not become marathon runners overnight, nor expect to plant a seed to flourish and to become a tree without watering the soil. In the same analogy we are the seed, a seed that holds in it the entire blueprint of the tree. When planted properly as in sitting for consistent meditation, it becomes the consistent watering of the soil. It is the consistency of being impacted by the rays of the sun to eventually break open from the earth’s nurturing, life giving dark moist soil. Emerging outwardly, reaching towards the sun and faithfully growing to have a strong trunk in time, staying put and not swaying or breaking with just any gust.

Meditation, transcendental or mindful is language of the soul. When you learn its alphabet, you can rejoice in the lushness of creating soulful literature, basking in its welcoming field of internal peace that our soul yearns to rest in.


Larise Kia is the owner and meditation teacher here at Bindupoint.